Chapter 5: New Job

Two months passed. 

Kate was driving herself. She took a left turn from their mansion and went past an estate dear to her. It stunned her to see workers around the property when she perfectly recalled how a family of four lived there. 

A frown formed on her face. She found herself parking right in front of the gates. Rolling down her window, she asked, “Are the Smiths having a renovation?”

The two workers carrying materials to the gates looked at each other, puzzled. One replied, “We don’t know the Smiths, miss. We were employed by a certain.” The worker pondered and replied, “Someone named Donald. Yeah. Donald.”

“The house is empty. I think this Donald is the new owner,” said the worker before he and his colleague excused themselves. 

Kate stared at the home that formerly belonged to Manuel Ronaldo, Carlos’ father. She sucked in a breath, recalling how Carlos had always wanted to buy the house back, but then again, maybe his plans had changed. 

Giving the property one last look, Kate muttered, “I guess it was never meant to be.”

She drove away, heading to her new workplace, the CSK Apparel. It was her first day on the job. 


Kate’s new office was humbling compared to the Wright Diamond Corporation, but she understood. It was a new company that was still at the stage of designing its products. The entire company occupied two building floors from one of Braeton’s highest skyrise buildings. 

She settled in at her new desk, looking at the designation on the glass door. It read Kate Wright, Marketing Director. 

Yes, her role was to put the products out there. Today, she was going to get a complete orientation of the different products that will soon be available in the market, and from there, she and her team would map out the marketing plan. 

“Miss Wright?” A female attendant came knocking at her door, calling her attention. “You are needed in the main conference room. You, the directors, and the design team will be there to discuss the first line of products.”

“Certainly, lead the way,” Kate answered with a smile.

Kate was introduced to all directors, including the CEO of the company. The Human Resource Director, Arman, earlier explained that the company was shared by three owners. The lady, Catrina Ross, who introduced herself as a CEO, was only a stand-in.

“Directors, today, marks the completion of our team of executives, ending with Kate Wright, and it is because of this that two of the company’s major shareholders would like to see everyone today. I believe their flight will arrive any minute now in Braeton City,” Catrina announced. 

Learning that she would meet the owners of the company made Kate smile. She wanted transparency in her new workplace. Although she was told that the owners had planned to reveal themselves eventually, meeting them sooner boosted her decision to work for CSK Apparel. 

Catrina continued to express how everyone was vital to the company’s success. After thanking everybody for their presence, the design team presented the first set of products. 

“Today’s generation of wrist watches are different,” Raffa, the design director, said. “They are sporty, and for women, they spelled of luxury.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, introducing to you our first product line. We have jade wristwatches for men and women in various designs. They are made of combined stainless steel, pure nephrite jade, and some pieces with gold in it, too.” 

Hearing her favorite gemstone, Kate’s eyes were already rounding. She may very well be her new company’s avid customer. She could not help but remark, “God, I love jade.”

“And the brand?” Raffa said, “will say much of one of the owners. Introducing, RonaldoPlus.”

Kate was drinking from her bottle of water when Raffa revealed the brand. She choked on her drink and repeatedly coughed, catching the attention of many. After clearing her throat, she asked, “ex - excuse me? The brand is RonaldoPlus?”

“Yes, Miss Wright. All the watches will have RonaldoPlus as the brand. We will also introduce men’s sports apparel, and it will have RonaldoPlus as a brand too,” confirmed Raffa. 

“Ronaldo.” Kate coughed. “Sounds familiar.” She faked a chuckle and sought, “That would not be... the one we all know of, right?”

She caught the CEO and Raffa grinning. Raffa stated, “I guess Miss Wright is not yet aware of the company’s owners.”

“I believe only three of the directors are aware.” Catrina smiled at everyone before disclosing, “Well, as long as we can keep it inside these doors, we will reveal the company’s shareholders. And! No one must know that they will come to see us today. This was their specific request.”

“The first shareholder of the company is Alexander Jenkins. Yes, Mister Carlos Ronaldo’s practice partner,” Catrina revealed, and at that very moment, Kate was already feeling her heart race. 

‘If Carlos’ practice partner is a shareholder of this company, then -’ Kate could not finish her train of thought, for Catrina gave away the answer. 

“And the biggest shareholder of the company is none other than Carlos Ronaldo, also known as, The Devil on court,” Catrina grinned at every executive, suggesting, “Isn’t it exciting? It’s not every day that we get to work under superstars.”

“And Carlos and Alexander are coming here today to welcome everyone!” 

While Catrina was pumping everyone’s excitement, Kate’s face paled. She was in her seat, repeatedly swallowing air down her throat. Kate had already given up on Carlos. How was it she got employed in a company that he started? What will she do now?

“An - and what about the third shareholder?” Kate unknowingly asked. 

Catrina turned to Arman, the Human Resource Director, seeking the answer, but when he shook his head, the stand-in CEO said, “That name has yet to be revealed. I don’t know her yet, but from what I heard, she is Carlos’ girlfriend.”

Kate’s face turned white. She was this close to wanting to puke! If she would see Hailey Mckenzie soon, there was a need to cancel this employment ASAP!

She was planning in her head, deciding what to do. When her senses returned, Kate clarified, “Do - do they know us? The new directors?”

“Not yet, Kate. That is why they had made the rash decision to fly to Braeton and meet all the directors.” Catrina giggled. She suggested, “I can tell you are star-struck, but leave that kind of reaction for later, Kate. We still have work to do.”

“And... only Carlos and Alexander will be coming?” She sought. Kate was not ready to see Hailey at all. She probably could bear to see Carlos, but to see the two of them being lovey-dovey might make her lose her cool. 

“Yes, Miss Wright.” Catrina’s acknowledgment gave her a bit of relief. Maybe, just maybe, she could pull through that day. 

‘Maybe this was better. I could finally get my closure.’ Kate’s mind wandered to the thought of seeing Carlos for the rest of that afternoon’s meeting. Will her questions finally be answered? Was this even real? Or will this be another fail? 

The following product line was sports apparel. Those did not come as a surprise to Kate anymore. Sportswears reflected so much of Alexander and Carlos, and with the latter marking it with his name, Kate was confident the products would hit it off. Everybody loved Carlos. 

‘Especially Hailey Mckenzie,’ Kate reminded herself. It was her way of not getting her hopes up for the near meeting of Carlos Ronaldo. 

Hours passed, and Catrina said, “Oh, I think they are finally here. I have a miss call from Mister Jenkins.”

Catrina’s assistant left the conference room with the task of receiving the two major shareholders of the company. While the assistant was gone, everyone in the same room waited impatiently. Kate, for one, was feeling her heart drumming against her ribcage. Her gaze remained fixed on the door, bracing herself. 

The double doors of the conference room opened, and two tall and gorgeous men walked in, making everyone gasp. Kate was about ready to faint.

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