Chapter 6: In Front Of Carlos

Kate's hands turned cold and sweaty. Everyone was standing up, waiting for the doors to the conference room to open. Again and again, she swallowed her own spew. She did it so many times; that she felt her tongue become paper dry.

How the doors opened played in slow motion in Kate's view. The first person to enter was a tall man with pale skin. He had long and curly blond hair, and he had beautiful green eyes. Alexander smiled at everyone, greeting, "Hello, everybody. It's nice to see you."

The next thing Kate heard was the sound of another man's heels against the tiled floor. She gathered air into her lungs profusely as the door to the conference room further opened. Finally, Carlos walked in. He wore a business suit that stretched nicely against his broad shoulders and chest. He had one of his hands tucked inside his trouser pocket, and his grey eyes scanned the room. 

Kate could not deny how he looked breathtaking. Carlo's hair was fringed up. A few strands fell into his eyes. His skin had that tan, healthy glow that she always loved. After ogling at him, their eyes met. They remained to stare at each other a second longer, with Kate especially held captive by his grey eyes. 

"Mister Ronaldo, this is our newest Marketing Director, Miss Kate Wright." Catrina turned to Kate, introducing the tennis superstars. "Kate, this is Carlos Ronaldo and Alexander Jenkins."

Half a second passed before Kate managed to speak. She said, "It's nice to meet you, Mister Jenkins and Mister Ronaldo."

Kate quickly averted Carlos' gaze while Catrina introduced the other new director. She did not know how Carlos would react, and she was not ready to see it, either. Aside from Arman and Raffa, there was Molly, the store director. Once the products were reproduced, it was Molly's job to operate the upcoming boutiques. 

"And that completes the team of executives," Catrina said. "We also have the design team with us today because they were the ones who presented the first line of products."

"It's nice to meet everyone," Carlos spoke. "Starting an apparel company was part of my dream, and each of you will be a vessel for CSK Apparel's success..."

'Was it? Or was it mine?' Kate thought, but then again, if the products mostly catered to men, then perhaps, it was also his. 

She listened attentively to Carlos welcoming all the executives while she maintained to look elsewhere. The following person to speak was Alexander. Whatever he was saying, it wasn't sinking into Kate's head. All she could hear was the wild beating of her heart. 

After all the welcome talks were over, Carlos invited everyone to another gathering. "Shall we all have dinner as a team? Somewhere private?"

"Yes, we are just two blocks away from the First Diamond Hotel. They have the best restaurant in the city," Catrina suggested. 

Kate noticed an awkward pause from Carlos. The said hotel belonged to her father's company, after all. However, ultimately, he replied, "That would be great. I expect everyone to be there. No exceptions and no excuses."

Just as Carlos said that, Kate swore she felt his burning gaze on her. She was about to confirm this when Catrina proposed, "Great! I'm sure Miss Wright can secure us the best space at the restaurant."

Raising her chin, Kate nodded and replied, "I'll arrange it."

Everybody was preparing to leave the room and prepare for their special dinner with Carlos and Alexander when the door suddenly swung open. A woman with long and wavy honey hair entered the conference room. It was Hailey Mckenzie. She was chasing her breath as she said, "Oh, good! I made it!"

At that very moment, Kate felt her chest tightening. At the sight of Hailey, she clenched her jaws. She thought, 'Of course, she would be here. She must really be Carlos' girlfriend.'

In that very few seconds, she connected the dots. Carlos' girlfriend was the third owner of the company, and she must have come to welcome everybody too. 

"Hailey, what are you doing here?" She heard Carlos ask the woman next to him. 

"Yeah, how did you get here?" Alexander also asked. 

"Well, Kendra mentioned you would be here, so I came! I flew all the way from New York!" Hailey replied. "The security knows me, so they let me in. The other staff knows me too, so here I am."

As the three exchanged words, Kate looked away the entire time. She heard Carlos excusing himself, and he exited the room with Alexander, Hailey, and Catrina. 

Knowing that they were gone, Kate slammed back into her seat. She exhaled deeply and covered her face with her palms. She knew she had to think this through, and thus, she shifted her gaze to the HR director, saying, "Arman, I'll arrange the dinner at the hotel, but I don't think I can come. I'm not feeling well."

"Ah, but Miss Wright. I think you should come with us. I don't-"

"Excuse me, Arman. I'm really not feeling well," Kate said, without waiting for another objection. She rose from her seat and went to her office. 

After fetching all her belongings, she clocked out and left the building. While driving, she called the First Diamond Hotel and made reservations. She concluded the dinner would have to go on without her. Kate wasn't prepared to see Carlos and Hailey having sweet moments during that gathering. She would rather not get the chance to speak to Carlos at all. 

For half an hour, Kate drove aimlessly around the city. She just wanted time to think. Eventually, she made it home, and as soon as she entered the living room of their mansion, Kate screamed, "Ahhh! I can't believe what I had gotten myself into!"

She regretted not letting her older brother dig deep about the company's owners. Kate was satisfied with the company profile, its financial statement, and all the legal documents. Not to mention, they had begun operation six months before her arrival. When she came for the formal interviews, she felt right at home. Arman, the HR manager, made her feel incredibly welcome. 

"Ahhh!" She nearly pulled her hair out of frustration, but before letting out another scream, she saw her mother, Samantha, walking out from the direction of the library. Kate said, "Mom! You can't believe what just happened to me today. I met -"

"Carlos is here," her mother interrupted. 

"What?" Kate froze in her stance. 

"Carlos is here," Samantha repeated. "He is talking to your father inside his study. He arrived looking for you around twenty minutes ago. He seemed... very concerned for you."

"Say that again, mom," Kate requested. 

"You know, Carlos Ronaldo? The man you have been trying to get over with? The same boy who used to be your best friend? The reason for your tears two months ago -"

"I get it, I get it, mom," Kate cut off her mother. 

"Well, he is here, and it looks like you two will finally be able to talk," Samantha revealed. Her eyes shifted toward the stairs, and then she suggested, "Fix yourself. Dry those tears. Re-apply your make-up and wear something a little sexy."

"Mom!" Kate reacted. 

Samantha shrugged and said, "It might help with the conversation later. Who knows! Go!"

Kate dashed to the stairs, but when she thought her mother was done, she heard Samantha say, "And when you talk? Show a little of your cleavage!"

"Mom!" Kate opposed. 

"Just a suggestion!" Samantha said back. 

Moments later, Kate was finally standing in front of Carlos Ronaldo. He was leaning against the frame of her bedroom door, his grey eyes looking straight into her blue orbs. 

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