Chapter 111: Where Is Carlos Ronaldo?

“Will it be another win for the Devil’s team? Yesterday, during the female championship game, Savannah Knight took us by surprise by claiming the US Open title for the women’s singles,” reported the sports commentator. “It was unfortunate that Alexander Jenkins came face to face with Erik Berg at the earlier stage of the competition, but when too many of the top players are in the same Grand Slam, it is bound to happen.”

“Finally, one of the most awaited match returned to every tennis enthusiast. It had been more than a year since Carlos and Erik fought for the same Grand Slam title. After Wimbledon, Carlos took back his number one rank, but Erik has been attending minor back-to-back tournaments that also granted him points.”

“They are neck to neck. Will The Devil take back his winning streak over the US Open? Or will Erik be the new champion and reclaim his number one ranking?”

“We will find out. Our tennis players have now stepped out into the court. Good luck to both The Devil an

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Denise Williams
I really like this side of Kate being naughty with her hubby.
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Caroline Lajawai
funny chapter... hahahha
goodnovel comment avatar
Sonia Aka Debs
Hahahahah I truly enjoyed this chapter. Naughty Kate. Crazy champion rushing off for a quickie confusing the heck out of everyone and poor naive Erik. Gosh love it lol

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