Chapter 119: Saoirse Aleah Jenkins

Months passed.

“Till this very day, Carlos Ronaldo is still number one and had been consistent for 426 days, more than 60 weeks, and counting. The Devil had claimed both the Wimbledon and the US Open. Erik Berg is still behind him, and Alexander Jenkins is next. Roger Murray fell to the 4th rank after the US Open.”

“How long will the Devil be on top? With his growing business, until when will The Devil keep playing?”

On a Sunday, Kate and Carlos were watching the national TV recorded news from within their home's living room. After the reporter’s initial statements, The Devil answered an interview. On the monitor, Carlos could be seen walking out of a tennis training camp in New York. He said in front of the camera, “I will still keep playing, but I’ll be on court on and off. If fate would have me to remain number one for a longer time, then that is a blessing, and I am happy to take that role and be a model to many tennis aspirants out there.”

“However, I am not pressuring myself

The next chapter is in the evening. Saoirse's pronunciation is Sur-shuh. Two more chapters till the end.

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Sonia Aka Debs
Beautiful chapter. Just love it.
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Sonia Aka Debs
Beautiful chapter! Just love it
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Wow that's is awesome.... Can't wait. I really love you family oriented books...

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