Havermouth, Present Time

“You going to ravish me in the barn like some hero from a historical romance, daddy?” Aislen smirked as Talen stepped between her knees.

“After,” he told her and lifted his wrist to his teeth, using the sharp points to break the skin. Rhett would both be disappointed to have missed the classic vampire move, she thought, and disapproving of Talen giving her more blood.

She caught her bottom lip between her teeth as she met his eyes. “Daddy,” she said uncertainly.

“It will be okay, Morgana,” he told her with a small smile. His lip and the hair of his beard was stained with his own blood. “You have been favoring your hip, you have claw marks and bruises all over your arms, and I would be a fool not to have noticed that you have a sore head.”

“Daddy,” she melted. “You take such good care of me.” She pressed her kiss to the bleeding wound. He had not pierced the vein, just broken the skin, giving her just a taste. He licked the wound closed and almost immediately c
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