No Pizza

Havermouth, Five Years Before

“If people see that we’re trying to get Aislen back,” Heath explained under his breath as they met up at the car park at the end of the school day. “Then Charlie and the council will say that we don’t have her under control. We need to make her come back to us, not the other way around.”

“And Charlotte’s going to do what?” Rhett was not happy, his face twisted in a frown as he cupped his cigarette to light it. The car park around them was emptying as the students fled the school gleefully, music pounding out of windows and horns honking.

“If we’re seen with Charlotte, it will look like we’ve just lost interest in Aislen, rather than that we’re not in control of her,” Heath explained patiently, speaking up as the crowd thinned and there was no one around them, giving them privacy. “Then when we’ve got Aislen back, well, she begged us to take her back, didn’t she?”

“F-k man,” Cameron admired his scheming. “You have a f-ked up brain, you know that don’t you?
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