Using Charlotte

Havermouth, Five Years Before

“There she is,” Cameron said it suddenly gripping the seats and leaning forward as Heath navigated the turn off into the school car park. “There she is, and f-k she looks good,” his voice was hoarse. “F-king hell, I am one jerk off coming in my pants.”

“She’s gone to some effort,” Heath agreed. Aislen had gone heavy on the eye-makeup, and left her hair loose, just the way she knew that he liked it, and she was dressed the way he liked her to be, he thought, the way he’d told her to dress. “It’s a good sign,” he decided. “She is over her sulk. We’ll let her apologize and stay for recess to make sure that she’s seen behaving, and then ditch and go f-k ourselves stupid.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Rhett grinned taking a cigarette out.

“Don’t smoke that in my car,” Heath said immediately.

“Duh,” Rhett rolled his eyes. “I know your rules, princess.”

Heath parked just down from where Aislen stood, watching them as they got out the car. “Don’t be too eager,” he told
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Therese Paulsson
What they did to Charlotte isso awful they get her drunk the girlis innocent and has never drunk bet she was avirgin too. They just used her sobad because she is human they dont see her as a person just collateral theyare such bastards they didnt even want her just revengesex to manipulate aislen
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Everleigh Miles
Thank you!
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Author…the punishment chapter is both the most anticipated and dreaded chapter of this whole series. You have done such an amazing job with this story. These boys are the worst yet seeing the present side you also root for their relationship but it’s not easy. You have something amazing here.

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