Confrontation with Patrick

Havermouth, Five Years Before

Heath’s heart ached as he stroked his fingers through Aislen’s hair. Her eyes were closed but he knew that she was awake as the tears continued to collect in her eyelashes before tracking down her cheeks. He wasn’t far off crying himself, he acknowledged. The anger and fear had faded, leaving behind a bitter taste in his mouth, and the fervent wish that she would stop crying.

Rhett’s hand stroked up and down her ribs and he pressed his lips to the back of her shoulder, and Cameron had his arm slung over Rhett, resting on her hip.

Heath cupped her cheek and leaned over to kiss her lips, tasting the salt that lingered on them before taking his kisses along her jaw to her ear. “It’s alright, Aislen,” he whispered. “Rhett is right. We forgive you. Kiss me now and let me… make you feel better.”

He eased her onto her back and kissed his way down her body, over the soft velvet of her skin, running his tongue over the tips of her breasts until the nipples tighten
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Zesta Amanda Skouson-McGinnis
I hate that they thought that after cheating on her and making her watch, they thought it necessary to hurt her physically too. They never even considered asking her what was going on with her. They still only think of her as a human and a baby factory. A means to an end. They don’t love her.
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m so angry at them and for them and Heath’s redemption arc was so far back I need to re-read it to get some perspective!
goodnovel comment avatar
Everleigh Miles
Beautifully said and precisely what I am trying to capture :-)

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