Havermouth, Present Day

“We are going to discuss this further,” Heath said as Rhett pulled up at Aislen’s father’s house. “But, right now, it is wet, we are all cold, tired, and exhausted.”

“What is going on with you Heath?” Aislen asked him, feeling the echoes of his fear like cobwebs of ice winding around her internal organs. “We’ve been distracted by face-eating monsters and missing little girls… What happened whilst we were away that has you so…” She broke off as his grey eyes met hers.

“So what?” Rhett turned from the driver’s seat.

“Exhausted,” Heath told him. “That has me so exhausted.”

“Yeah,” Aislen agreed slowly. “That’s what I meant.”

“Well,” Talen reached for the door handle. “Let us go inside.”

Aislen shuddered as the cold whipped away the heat of the cab and slid out of the Ute after Heath. The five of them ran across to the porch and Heath unlocked the door using his set of keys because Aislen couldn’t find hers.

The house smelled stale and empty after being closed up o
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