The Storms End

Havermouth, Present Time

“Kinky f-king boys,” she laughed as Rhett lifted her onto the bed and she held onto the suspension rails as she stepped across the mattress, placing a foot on either side of Heath’s head and looking down at him, with her hair falling down around her and without a stitch of clothing on. “Do you like the view?” She teased him.

His smirk smouldered as his hands stroked up her calves. “You know that I do, but I find that I’m getting short-sighted in my old age, and you might need to bring that beauty closer for me to appreciate it fully.”

Talen’s eyes opened and lifted to watch, his lips curling with an approving smile.

Aislen used the headboard to steady her as she knelt, sitting on his chest. “Close enough?” She asked him as he caressed over the generous swells of her thighs to her hips. She gasped as he tugged her forward and dragged his tongue over her c-nt. “Oh, god,” she moaned gripping onto the headboard as he pulled her tightly to his face seeming to decid
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