Friday Blues

Havermouth, Five Years Before

Rhett wasn’t averse to physical activity precisely, but he preferred to get it f-king than running around the oval. However physical education was mandatory at school for werewolves as physical exertion helped manage alphas’ more anti-social aggressive traits, and he’d skipped so many times that Mr Owens had threatened to speak to Abigail if Rhett didn’t show up at least once before the end of the year.

If he’d been in the same class as Cameron or Heath, Rhett might have turned up more often, but their class schedules meant that they were in different physical education groups.

As Heath had decided that they would stay until lunch, Rhett decided to comply with Mr Owens’ requirement and actually show up to class. It was a werewolf only physical education class, although the humans didn’t know that, as it allowed the werewolves to exert themselves without exposing their supernatural abilities – a bunch of werewolves running the oval tended to be fairly even
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