Heath Seducing Rhett

Havermouth, Five Years Before

Rhett took the groceries up to the bedroom window, sliding open the glass in order to deposit the bags inside. Heath and Aislen weren’t f-king on the bed, which made him wonder what they were doing. He followed the veranda around to the balcony and saw them through the kitchen windows. Heath had the first aid kit out and was applying arnica to Aislen’s arse.

The expression on Heath’s face as he applied the cream to the bruises caused Rhett’s heart to twist within his chest. He stepped into the open door, catching the doorframe in his hands, and leaned into the room. Heath looked up, meeting his eyes, despair written clearly across his face.

What the f-k had happened? Rhett wondered, his heart thudding within his chest.

“Let that sit on the skin until it sinks in,” Heath said as he put the lid back on the cream. He washed his hands in the sink and put the first aid box away. “Go see what Cameron is up to,” he said without turning to face her.

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Everleigh Miles
Can't say much without **spoilers** but there's a plan happening, and if I pull it off, I'm hoping to make some people cry (it sounds terrible, but that's the thought process)!
goodnovel comment avatar
I still struggle-they obviously know they crossed the line with hurting her, what happened between this realization and 5 years later when they kidnapped and tortured her

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