Complicated Heroes

Havermouth, Present Time

It was fascinating to see where the werewolves who had tormented her at school lived, Aislen thought looking out the window as they pulled up to the neat and tidy suburban house with it’s pristine lawn and bloom-heavy rose garden. Part of her hated the domestic perfection of the house because it represented everything that she didn’t have.

“Oh, look,” she muttered. “It’s the domestic Barbara set. Each pack contains the dreamhouse, one Barbara doll, one Kenneth doll, one boy doll and one baby doll. Is there a cat and dog doll, or do they come as separate purchases?”

“Werewolves tend not to have pets,” Heath replied mildly. “It’s not a good cultural fit.”

She slid him a look out of the corner of her eye and suppressed a malicious smirk. “A wolf may not own a dog? Are you afraid that the relationship might become complicated? I mean, when you’re in wolf form, you’re not exactly going to be looking at a human woman and thinking sexy thoughts, but you might look at
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Therese Paulsson
Aislen is really funny i loved her were dogs comments.
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She should tell them about her dream. The men in black all over the farm. I feel like Heath is right and their intentions are not so good. Also…could Charlotte have Jessica? Aislen noticed that Charlotte was staring at Jessica in the town hall meeting…and then the dream? Seems odd. So much happening
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Aislen was a bit cruel given the situation with Rhett but it’s great she can say what she wants without fear for once. Also so nice to see the group being able to be together in the way they want.

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