Losing Aislen

Havermouth, Five Years Before

As dawn pinked the sky, Cameron scuffed the toe of his shoe through the dust that was all that remained of the grass where cows had been killed. Now that he knew what caused these patches, whenever he was by the river, his eyes were peeled for them, and he was surprised by how many there were – patches where nothing seemed to grow, which he’d always accepted as just being randomly barren spots because he’d grown up with their occurrence.

“Don’t play in the dust,” Jules reprimanded as he returned to the Ute.

“Why?” Cameron wondered. “It’s just dirt, dad.”

“It’s still dead. I don’t trust it until it grows green again.”

It made sense that Jules would think that way, Cameron thought stepping away from the patch. Jules' relationship to the land was other level, as Jules’ father and grandfather had been before him. Cameron loved the farm. He loved and respected the land, the river house, and the work. He couldn’t imagine doing anything else with his life, but h
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Author Girl
Yeah, they will find out that Aislen won't be there!! As Patrick & her mother is an arsehole parents as well. It will be hard for when Rhett & Cameron find out what Heath did without their knowledge. I want them to realize that it's not so easy with one of their fated mates around.
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Thanks for the huge update!
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Four chapters is an awesome treat! Best part of my day so far! Thank you for sharing such a great story.

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