She Will Come Back

Havermouth, Five Years Before

Cameron’s dreams were filled with chasing Aislen through the fields. He could see her just ahead of him, her dark hair bouncing with the motion of her run, the weeds catching on the skirt of her dress and dragging long scratches along her legs that she didn’t seem to notice. “Aislen!” He cried out. “Slow down!”

He woke with a start to the echoes of his own voice. It wasn’t yet midnight and he was alone in bed. He pressed his face into the pillows, breathing in, seeking the scent of Rhett and Heath from the fabric, but it had been too long since they’d slept there, and the scent had faded beneath his own.

He couldn’t remember ever having fought with either of them. It left him feeling off-balance, and unwell. He’d thrown himself into working the farm with his dad, trying to distract himself from the anguish of it. Jules hadn’t questioned why Cameron wasn’t going to school, studying, or spending time with the other two members of the Triquetra, although Cam
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Crystal Paprock
Or enigmas because the way y’all go at it I just image poo covered dicks and sheets. There is a lot of prep that goes into being the bottom. I’m damn sure they aren’t doing that. Some men find it not worth it. Some men don’t like anal. Yes, even some gay/bi men too. Even w prep can still get poo
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This just broke me. They are scared and they should be. I can’t believe they don’t go after her. Breaks my heart that they can be happy with each other while knowing she has no one. Of all the things they do to her this is the worst. Abandoning her…it’s too much.
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Kiera J
Except Rhett didn't say it, at least not that she heard, smh.

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