Charlotte's Pregnant

Havermouth, Five Years Before

The little Redbank tattoo parlour that had agreed to take him as an apprentice had many things that Rhett liked, and many that he didn’t. The shop was tiny, with a staircase to the second level which was so steep that it kicked in Rhett’s phobia about heights, and, whilst the workstations were brightly lit for the purpose of the artists, everywhere else was shadowy and pokey. The little kitchen could only fit one person at a time, and the toilet was so narrow that cleaning it (which was one of Rhett’s duties as an apprentice) was a bit like performing yoga in a box.

Mostly he divided his time between manning the reception desk, doing clean-up of the workstations, and making drinks for the artists and customers, but on the slow days, the artists would take turns working with his sketches, and he would sit with his pants around his ankles on one of the chairs and practise on himself, upside down.

If he produced a decent piece, one of the other artists, Matt
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goodnovel comment avatar
Rhett is such an asshole. How dare he blame Aislen or honestly even Heath. He made his choice to participate. Time to grow up and own your own mistakes.
goodnovel comment avatar
Kiera J
That's a whole lot of "whiny b****" for a grown werewolf lmao.
goodnovel comment avatar
God Rhett. Take some responsibility. How am I becoming such a Heath fan in this book and the last one I was diehard Rhett?

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