7. Alpha Greyson

The Gamma roared in anger at my words and he stalked towards me grabbing my neck in a chokehold, fully intent on dragging me away, but the Alpha raised his hand to stop him.

Alpha Greyson lowered his head slightly to study my face and my breath seized in my throat at the ageless sort of beauty that he possessed.

His hair looked almost golden and the locs, thick and wavy framed his handsome face perfectly. He had defined cheekbones and a jaw that looked like it could cut through steel. The sharp contrast between the soft curls on top his head and the hard line of beards that framed around his lips made him appear very imposing.

The most striking part of the Alpha, were his eyes. His eyes were a piercing grey and they held such intensity that no matter how hard I stared at them, they never lost their focus or wavered even in the slightest. If anything the intensity seemed to increase the more I stared and they looked like they could burn me if I continued to study them.

The way he h
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Alpha are you a Vampire ?

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