8. Familiar

Greyson’s POV

Omega 36, as the host had announced walked onto the stage and my eyes fell onto her beautiful shape first, the curve of her hips catching my attention, but when she raised her eyes to scan the crowd of patrons, I caught her face and it felt like all the air whooshed out of me.

She was beautiful; extremely so and the way that she held the child protectively in her arms even through the fear that trembled her frame was impressive.

Matthew was stood by my side and when the omegas eyes roamed the cabinet that held us; with fear dancing in it, the Gamma perked up with interest and he whistled softly.

“She’s young.” He whispered quietly and my brows rose in question, but I otherwise remained silent.

“I really like them innocent.” He said again and this time I turned to face him.

“She has a child Matthew, so I’m pretty sure that she’s far from innocent.” I said calmly and the Gamma laughed loudly at my words, like he knew something that I didn’t, but he didn’t offer up ano
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