10. The Alpha’s Home

The car ride was mostly silent, with only the tap tap of the Alpha’s fingers on the screen filling the space. Emilia’s eyes never left my frame but I chose to ignore her for the rest of the ride.

My mind was instead occupied with thoughts of what laid ahead of me within the claws of the Alpha.

My former pack had traumatized me but I couldn’t help but feel like this was going to be much worse. Fate just always had a way of playing cruel jokes on me.

There was a tingling sensation in my spine that had begun from the moment the Alpha had said he was going to take me and even till now I could still feel it and the closer we drove towards his home the worse it became.

It felt like I was heading straight into my demise. Jessy felt heavy in my arms and my heart hurt for my daughter.

The moment we pulled into the Alpha’s home, my heart fluttered in my chest before it began to pound heavily at the massive elegant mansion that we had just driven into.

There was a large beautiful water fou
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Jennifer Rush
I like the story even if the editing is bad as well as the spelling and grammar.

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