14. Failure

Trigger Warning: Mentions of Pedophilia

My mind swirled and it felt like my eyes had been glued shut. The only that made sense at the moment was my ragged breathing, everything else around me seemed to be distorted and it troubled me.

There was a deafening insistent ringing in my ears and I shook my head gently to clear it but it all the action seemed to do was fill me with nausea.

Why was I on the floor? And the bottom half of my body ached with a certain soreness, almost as though I had been dragged across the floor.

My head throbbed intensely and I winced at the pain that tingled at the back of my neck. I tried once again to open my eyes and slowly I was able to peel them apart. I was met with complete darkness and it felt like my eyes were still closed.

My head felt like a seize in the moment. It wasn’t giving me the thoughts I expected to think, in fact, it wasn’t giving me anything except pain and I moaned softly in effect.

Where the hell was I and what was happening?

My werew
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June Chase
Matthew Is sick
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bec you’re dumb! if only you plan everything before running away from ur pack with a destination and all, you wouldn’t be in that mess…dumb and weak man you’re destined to fail…poor jessy

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