19. Bad Demise


Greyson’s POV:

Listening to Matthew dish out his plans to the other man that I had come to associate with the name Jake through their conversations sent an unexplainable feeling through me.

In the space of an hour, I had been able to figure out that Matthew was not the man that I thought him to be, but things took an even worse turn when he began to talk about his plans of executing the people in his way to get to the spot of Alpha with Jake by his side.

It was eerie having to listen to another plan your death and Smith had been impatient to burst open the door and maul Matthew but I needed more.

I needed to know if there were others involved in this and gather as much information as I could from this conversation before moving to burst him. So I gave the signal for Smith to stay calm and wait for my instructions.

I knew the moment the conversation was over and I gave the signal for the men to get ready, the moment the door was flung
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