20. Sick Jessy

“Hold out her arm and keep a firm grip on her, just in case she trashes in reaction.” The healer advised and I did as she instructed.

I had met the healer waiting in the living room when I had walked into the mansion alongside the Beta and immediately she introduced herself I had led her immediately to my room so she could check on Jessy.

The woman had been mostly quiet, simply checking Jessy’s vitals, humming along whenever she did something or finished a check and writing some things onto her note pad.

“How old is she?” The older woman finally asked once she was done.

“She’s three.” I whispered, emotions coating my words.

The entire situation was still yet to fully crash on me. While Matthew and Jake had been discussing, a heavy sense of foreboding had overwhelmed my frame.

In the moment, I had truly thought that their plans would come to fruition and it would be the last time that I would see my daughter. The thought had scared me to my very bones but I had felt so helpless th
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