23. Not Again

The sound of pans and pots around me took me back to all those years ago when I had been pregnant with Jessy, but something was different this time.

There were no whispers. I wasn’t being called a slut or a whore and I was more comfortable currently standing over the pot of soup than I had been in that kitchen.

I didn’t miss my old pack, not in the least. I wasn’t in the most ideal of places and my situation could get better than it was in this moment but for me it felt good enough. I was satisfied here, this was never a word I used when it came to my previous pack.

I was never truly satisfied.

“I think you’ve been stirring that soup for too long Freya.” Christie teased beside and I spun on my heel to address, backing up in shock at how close she was to me.

“Why are you so close to me?” I asked and the other girl only gave me a lopsided smile before moving to the sink to begin clearing the dishes.

“I was trying to look over your shoulder. It wasn’t really hard since you’re so sh
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Lori Archer
he needs to claim his mate...and daughter!......️

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