61. Misery And Hurt

Greyson’s POV:

The room was dimly lit as always, jam packed with bodies gyrating on each other all over the large dance floor.

The loud music was too much to bear but I forced myself to stay put, I didn’t have anything to return to anyway and going back to the guest house that had become my home for the time being in the SilverMoon pack would only bury me deeper and deeper into the misery and sorrow that was currently eating at my soul.

Everything was a blur, the people on the downstage dancing, the servers moving up and down the large hall, even Smith that was currently sat by my side.

“Greyson, you’re here to let go of all that sad energy not drown yourself in alcohol. You’ve consumed an abnormally large amount and even being an Alpha wouldn’t be able to stop the effects soon. You need to stop drinking.” Smith advised.

His words went through one ear and went out of the other. I continued to pour the drink shot after shot into my throat and I could already feel the drowsy effects
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Mariana Brown
She’s not even sure yet that her daughter is ok yet she takes her away from the only medical care she has access to???
goodnovel comment avatar
Mariana Brown
This makes me so sad. They were so cute together. I understand her anger but she’s being reckless and stupid. She’s risking both of their lives
goodnovel comment avatar
The right thing is to take a child someone tried to kill and run away? Maybe putting a child in danger because she is butt hurt is an overreaction. She can be mad and heartbroken, I agree. But my opinion is my opinion, just as yours is yours. In the end it’s poor Jessy suffering and in danger.

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