64. Reunited

Two weeks without Greyson. I couldn’t explain how I was feeling if I were asked. Everything in me craved the Alpha and that scared me more than I could explain. Since when did I become so attached?

Greyson was my first love and he really did show me good love. Not the kind that made me ask questions each day, or the kind that left me uncertain and longing.

He showed me the kind of love that filled a void that had begun in my chest for a long time. I could quite honestly say that I was addicted to the man but I couldn’t exactly tell why.

What I knew was, two weeks away from him was making me very depressed. Day in and out, I thought about him and what he had done to me and I weighed my options.

There was no anger left in me anymore. Two weeks away from him was enough to quench the rest of it, I was left with only sadness and emptiness, but I couldn’t bring myself to pack my things and go back to his home. I didn’t have the strength or courage to do it.

So everyday when Smith menti
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Nagina Arnold
I’m happy they are getting back together and I have this feeling that Smith is in love with Freya. I feel bad for him. Hope he finds his mate soon ......️...️
goodnovel comment avatar
Me too honestly.
goodnovel comment avatar
I feel bad for Smith

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