67. I Love You

I stood from chair on the dresser where I had previously been sat drying my hair and with a sly smirk on his face, Greyson stalked towards me. Pulling me by the waist and into his body the moment he was close enough, he spoke.

“You smell heavenly.” He commented and I smirked.

“It’s the power of a shower. You should try it sometime.” I teased and the Alpha threw his head back and let out a big laugh. One that sounded like if came from the pit of his belly. So genuine and warm.

“I will. After dessert.” He said and before I could respond he dipped his head and claimed my lips in the softest kiss.

The feeling of Greyson’s lips molding against mine was heavenly and I could not help my eyes fluttering shut at the feeling. We had surely shared kisses since I returned back to the mansion but none felt like this one.

Tugging on the rope that held my robe together, I gasped softly when Greyson pulled open the robe and let it hit the ground. He led us both to the bed and there he also strippe
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