69. Good News

Greyson’s POV:

As I brought Freya’s still unconscious body into the house. It felt worse than anything. Even while I could still feel her pulse and her body was still warm to my touch, I couldn’t help but believe that the worst was about to happen and I blamed myself for it.

She was sleep deprived and had obviously been very tired this last couple of days and just because she managed to catch a couple hours of sleep didn’t completely restore the rest of her energy. I should have known that and reconsidered taking her for the training.

“Master!” Zoe called when she met me by the stairway with Freya in my arms.

“Bring me a towel and some water please.” I said, moving up the stairs without waiting for her response.

Twisting the knob and pushing open the door to the master’s bedroom, I gently placed Freya’s small frame in the center of the bed and my heart hurt from seeing the love of life laying helplessly in the center of the large bed.

Zoe came into the room a few seconds later wit
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I was ask existed Iv litrally scaned the whole chapter just to confirm my suspicions lol now to actually read the chapter lol
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I think I’m as excited as Greyson or maybe more. Who else is this excited?

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