70. Hospital Visit

“Jessy careful, you’re going to mess up yourself and we don’t have the time to change your clothes again.” Greyson said softly to the four years old.

It has been three days since Clara gave the news of my pregnancy and I couldn’t even begin to describe the kind of high I was currently on if I were given the chance. This was certainly more pleasant than with Jessy’s pregnancy where I was treated worse than I could explain.

Right now, I was the most pampered girl in the whole world and I had Greyson to be thank for that. He was elated about the news and I could see the sparkle in his eyes every time that they fell onto my stomach. His excitement was contagious and it spread and affected myself and Jessy too.

When we had broken the news to the four years old she had decided to pat my stomach gently and did not stop until three hours later when she grew very tired and her father had to plead with her to stop.

Now, for the first time we were going for a check up. Greyson had tried to make
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Lisa Anderson
this is a really good story, but the chapters are Way Too SHORT for the money being paid to read it. Lengthen the chapters please.

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