76. Red Point

Greyson’s POV:

The last couple of hours was almost too much for me to bear, with little Simon’s help we were able to discover that not only was his dad out for some sort of revenge against Freya for supposedly ruining Emilia’s life, there were also other people, people that I trusted, people I had opened my home to, those were the same people that were out to destroy my family.

The biggest problem, was the fact that I didn’t have all the information that I knew that I needed. There was only so much a four years old could retain and understand.

I had no idea where Freya could be and all the search parties I had sent out in the last hour had come back with no news of her whereabouts. The entire pack and beyond had been turned upside down but there was no yield yet.

This plan had been in the works for the longest time now, my biggest mistake was thinking that I only had to be cautious of my enemies, I didn’t know that my life literally was crawling with these enemies disguised as fri
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Why do I have a bad feeling about smith
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Please do not let Smith be the next bad guy!

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