79. StoryTime

“Hi Freya. It’s nice to finally meet the woman who thinks she could try to come between mates. I’m Estel by the way.”

There was no malice in the woman’s voice, in fact it was pretty neutral along with her facial expression and it made it difficult to really take her words for that they truly intended to be.

I remained quiet and just continued to watch her. How the hell was it possible that she was alive? Zoe had admitted to killing her, I had visited her grave with Greyson and everyone else seemed to think that she was dead, so how was she standing here in this moment?

I didn’t ask her any questions because I was more afraid of an answer than of being ignorant. Also, I had a feeling that I would get the answer I was looking for soon enough.

“Don’t you want to know how I got here?” She asked and for the first time since she entered the room, I heard true excitement in her voice.

“No?” She asked again when I remained silent.

“Alright that’s fine, I’ll tell you a different story the
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