I always preach to others, especially my boys, that we should be honest. Lying is a very bad, bad thing. Doesn't matter what happened, remember, be honest.

So... uhm, I think I should start with honesty. Why don't we do this again, with honesty? Hm?

Hi, I'm Sophie Summers. I'm not Abigail Grey. We just have the same look and height but we are definitely two different people.

"How was it?" Abby asks excitedly as I switch on my iPhone 11 Pro.

Earlier we changed our phone for the meeting I had with Veronica; I definitely took the game to a whole new level by embracing my character down to the phone.

"Your phone? Ew, I'm never using yours again. It's so small, so tiny, so-"

She glares at me before cutting me off, "Oh shut up! Give me my car keys! And I was asking about the meeting, not my phone! Or your ex’s dick size!”

I laugh at the mention of my ex’s size that’s only known to my dear niece when I accidentally over-shared during one of the weekends when we were out drinking following the finalisation of my divorce.

"I swear my butt is all numb now from your car seat. It's so hard I feel like I was sitting on a rock. Anyone who doesn't want to take epidural during delivery can just drive your car for half an hour, it gives the same effect! Can you PLEASE ask your mum to buy you a new car? Look, even my fingers are getting itchy now. That cheap old car itches me."

Have I told you one of my hobbies whenever I see her is to purposely ignite fire in her?

Yeah, I'm the fun aunt.

She rolls her eyes at my complaint, "Why don't YOU ask your sister for me."

Both of us are fully aware that that's never going to happen. It’s like waiting for unicorn to exist in real life or Dean will finally be good at sex. My sister is more inclined to spend money on clothes and handbags rather than buy her daughter a better car. 

"My passport, Senora Sum-mah?" She asks with her left palm being held out to me.

"Oh I forgot." I dig into my bag again while scrolling through my work email. I'm supposed to be in the office later tonight, just checking if the team need something from me in the mean time.

"You can stay here tonight, right? I don't know what time I'm gonna be home tomorrow but I'll order you guys food for breakfast just in case I need to stay longer. Breakfast, maybe lunch too."

You see, I have a good job that pays me well. Very well indeed that I managed to buy a house at a great, prime location along with a Porche down there parked in the basement parking. I bring home 20k monthly, excluding the handsome yearly bonus.

I really don't need to be a sugar baby. Heck, I can even afford a gigolo of my own. But like I said, I'm an idiot. I like looking for troubles. I loveee digging my own grave. Hence my stupidity to continue being an idiot by continuing my journey from registration at the sugarbaby website a month ago up to the meeting with their representative just now.

"I don’t have anything tomorrow so I can stay till noon. You don't have to rush. Maybe I'll bring the boys to the pool, if I get paid extra," she winks with dollar signs dangling on her head.

Abby, or her full name Abigail Grey, has always been my babysitter. My sister has a hard time letting her do part time job since she's concerned about her safety, thankfully she's totally okay in allowing her only daughter to babysit my kids.

Oh yeah, I have two kids. Should I start again?

Hi, I'm Sophie Summers. I have two kids that came out of my vagina (in case you think they're adopted or by surrogacy) and I just applied to be a sugar baby.

Yes, I'm an idiot. Fully aware of that, thanks.

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