[ This arrangement is between A.G and L.L.S for the duration of three months from March 15th to June 15th.

1. A.G will be at the location mentioned in Appendix 1 from 7pm Friday to 7pm Sunday, excluding the first week of each month.

2. USD 5000 will be deposited into A.G bank account 3xxx87xx6 every 10th of the month.

3. This arrangement can be terminated at any time by a formal request to Cupcake and the other party, resulting in termination in the following month.

4. If item 3 occurs, money of the said month will not be refunded.

5. L.L.S will provide a vehicle; Mercedes Benz A-class with plat number LS3, on the duration of this contract. A.G shall return the vehicle before or on June 15th.

6. Should L.L.S perform the limits stated in Appendix 2, the arrangement will be cancelled with immediate effect. Compensation of USD 500,000 will be given to A.G, provided evidence and reports as per Appendix 3.

7. Both parties to sign an NDA for this arrangement to commence.

8. Should both parties decide to continue this arrangement, this contract is valid for another 3 months (said date is September 15th).

9. Gifts as listed in Appendix 4 can be kept by A.G after the duration of this arrangement.

10. Travelling outside of the country is prohibited as per Cupcake guidelines in Appendix 5. It is advised for both parties to stay in the country due to validity of this arrangement can be provoked by the Law of the country visited hence this contract can be deemed void. ]

My head spins reading the page I'm holding. The words are simpler compared to the ones I dealt with at work, without the need of any technical knowledge, but somehow, I feel more overwhelmed and nervous.

"Is there anything you need me to explain, Miss Grey?" Veronica, or whatever her name is, enquires as I sip my water.

"Is this a standard procedure between all the couples you've worked with?" I ask, finding this kind of arrangement is fascinating indeed. They actually have Legal department in Cupcake to review this contract.

"It's different for each client. We try to cater according to their preferences. Some prefer weekends only, the others prefer full time stay-in, there's also on-call basis. Well, there's a lot actually." She smiles, perhaps trying to reassure me this is normal.

"Is it safe to be with him? This is not the first time he opts for this service, right?" I'd be mad not to ask this question.

"Oh. Don't worry, Miss Grey. Mr Sinclair is one of our best clients. He has excellent record."

Does that mean he got a lot of girls, or should I say 'sugar babies', from Cupcake before? One does not score 'excellent' from just two or three testimonials.

"Can I review this at home?" I think I need a second opinion, namely my niece. The real Miss Grey herself.

"I'm sorry but I can only give you a copy of this contract once you sign it. It's confidential for us to take it even outside of this office."

I groan realising I have to read this 30-something page contract at one sitting. I only met the guy yesterday afternoon and here I am, parking myself at Cupcake office at 11am the next day. This is not how I plan my Sunday to be.


I guess this is serious.

My eyes are still staring at Abby's bank account as I gulp for the third time upon seeing the number stated on her laptop screen; there are five digits instead of the anticipated five thousand bucks. Is he for real?

"You're crazy!" Abby wipes her tears, still rolling on the floor, laughing.

"You're sooo dead, Fee! He's gonna tie you up and do you from Friday to Sunday, and ask you not to tell Veronica about it. That's why he gave you ten fucking thousand! Ohhh you're dead. You're sooo dead! RIP Sophie-jayjay!"

"Oh shut up, Abigail!" I hiss at her, needing peace and focus to think about this crisis.

Crisis? Is this a crisis? When you receive more money than you should from your sugar daddy when you haven't even started? For the fact I joined this website just to sit and talk with rich, intelligent men, how the heck did I go so far ahead that I put my signature on the contract?

Chestnut-brown hair, hazel eyes, the height of more than six feet with bulging muscles and sharp features. Hah, that's how! The promise of six inches down below... I gulp for the fourth time.

Abby drooled at my description of LLS last Saturday during our first meeting, she was totally excited when I got home on Sunday with a copy of my contract but now, now she's scaring me off with her wild imagination of what's going to happen with me and my Sophie-jayjay.

"We can't even go0gle who this guy is to know if he's legit. Who knows he actually owns Cupcake and pretends he's an LLS. Maybe he's a Mafia! Seriously Fee, how on earth can the goverment allow this kind of company to operate legally. He's gotta be some kind of Mafia." Abby sits next to me, her laugh has faded.

"That's 365 dni." I roll my eyes at her but secretly agree with that speculation. Is he? Is he in Mafia? A billionaire Mafia? Like in the books I've read? Like in 365 dni movie?

'Are you lost baby girl?'

Oh God. Baby girl feels like she's about to faint.

"Are you sure you're gonna see him this weekend?" She asks, clicking the mouse to transfer all ten thousand into my bank account.

Veronica emailed me two days ago that all legal documents have been cleared thus my first payment will be deposited on the 14th.

Abby and I had dinner together and decided to watch a midnight movie despite tomorrow being Friday- a work day. We thought the money would be deposited sometime tomorrow during business hour but damn, is he punctual or what because at 12.01am Abby received a notification that ten thousand USD was deposited into her bank account.

Yes, her bank account, since Abigail Grey is the sugar baby in this arrangement, not Sophie the-girl-who's-pretending-to-be-Abigail-Grey. It'd be a no brainer to give Cupcake her bank account instead of mine. We could be caught. I, could be caught.

"I don't think you should go, Fee."

"I have to. I signed the contract."

"Technically, it's me who signed it. And it's not my signature. So the contract is invalid, right? You don't have to go if you don't want to. We can just return this money."

"You read the contract. It specifically said we can only terminate the contract if we submit a proper request to Cupcake and him."

"And here I am, thinking you are the smart one," she sighs, "Like I said Senora Sum-mah, the contract is invalid. Because that's not Abigail Grey's signature. That's Sophie Summer's. So we don't need to submit anything. We can just ignore it and continue with our life as if none of this happened."

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