Every time I read romance novels, I've always thought what a bunch of liars those authors are, to put shitty smut that the majority of us women, don't even experience. Like seriously, getting wet just by his presence in the room? Or at the sound of his voice?

Bullshit, that's what it is!

Because the entire time I was with Dean, for six whole years (seven if we take dating into account), I've never gotten wet that easily. Heck, sometimes even after he has heated the engine for some time, I was still as dry as the Sahara. So yeah, bull-fucking-shit, you liars (authors) !

But now, oh my God. When he said it like that, of how delicious I tasted, Oh. My. God. I finally realise my panties are actually wet. Soaked.

He, this man, this Mr Sinclair, who's still looking at me with his captivating hazel eyes, is the reason of my soaked panties. What else can he do? Make me come merely by using his tongue? Fingers? Because those too, are two other bullshit romance novels have been selling to the
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