"I'm more focused this way. Too sleepy," I flash what looks like the most fake smile ever at my colleague while trying to will him with my mind power to go back to his fucking workstation instead of bothering me any longer.

I swear if one more person comes here and asks me why am I doing my work standing up instead sitting on my comfy chair, I will fucking yell at him/her. Yes I will. I most definitely will.

What happened is, I am so stressed with this one Drilling Engineer assigned to my latest Exploration well. He is a Senior but he behaves as if he has zero experience.

I'm absolutely fine with someone who admits he's inexperience as long as he's willing to learn. However I seriously can't tolerate an asshole who's an idiot but acts as if he knows everything for the fact, he doesn't!

How dare he told me what to do when it's MY job and MY expertise he's seeking. If you're so smart, then why did you still come to me? That means you're not as smart as you think that your fucking bo
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