We change into our formal wear and ready to leave for the Gala by 7.30.

Luca puts on a tux complete with a bow tie that I played around for a good half an hour by putting it on my hair as if it's a hair accessory, tucked it between my breasts down to my cleavage, and placed it above my lips pretending it's a moustache; a demonstration to show my frustration when I've set my heart since last night to wear this navy blue dress I've been keeping for a special occasion only to find out the man has purchased a totally new gown just for this event, to match him.

Did you get all that?

To fucking match him.

It was this gorgeous black bare-back dress that I have a feeling it costs more than the navy blue dress I wanted to wear but I still protested just because I'm difficult like that.

"Come zip me up." I order him in a stern tone, still wouldn't budge from my stand that I'm my own person, I deserve to pick my own dress eventhough both of them came from him, purchased using his money.

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