Have you ever had that feeling, the one that you know someone is watching you even when you can't see them?

In my case, I was just waking up. My eyes were still tightly shut but my mind has started to power up my body, alerting myself that 'hey, it's morning, you've gotta wake up bitch. You have a brunch to go to.'

But being me, who'd snooze a couple of times before finally waking up, gladly jeopardising my job, my career, my future just for the extra sixteen minutes of sleep, I've decided to go back to the dream land since today is a holiday.

I always trust my instincts, and right now I can feel someone is watching me.

So instead of going back to sleep, I open my eyes only to be startled by this view of a gorgeous half-naked man lying a few inches away from me with this evil smirk pasted on his face.

That pair of hazel eyes are still focusing on me eventhough I'm wide awake now, and at that moment I wonder how long has he been staring at me, perhaps taking note on my every embarra
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