I still go to the club with his cousins despite the tantrum; I'm not gonna cancel my plan just because he's mad about me going alone. I fucking asked him outside the ballroom to which he childishly unfriended me so FINE, be it that way. Go sulk at your fancy penthouse on your own while I enjoy my time with the adults.

Though after two hours of a good time, I go to the man-child's place since I left my stuff there, including my newly purchased handbag; there is no way I'm leaving my eleven thousand precious bag which is also the first (and probably the last) Birkin I own.

He was still sulking the moment I reached there. To think that I had to ask a favor from Dean if he could take the kids one more night just to accompany Luca to the reception dinner, urgh! This is so frustrating. I should've known my boys are my priority, not a friend who's no longer a friend.

"What are you doing..?" I ask him once I open the door of his home office that's fully equipped with the latest gaming gadge
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