Rogue Attack

Nikki POV

As we took off down the wooded hillside my heart was pounding and I was trying to think of how to get someplace safe. Charity, Silvie, and I don't have our wolves yet so we aren’t going to be any help, instead we’re a liability. The sound of paws thundering against the ground was ominous and it made it difficult to think clearly. The warriors were charging towards us heading for the clearing and we needed to get out of the way.

“Over there is a boulder! 100 feet to the right!” Silvie called out. That would at least get us out of the way of the warriors coming this way. So we dashed to the right and ducked behind the boulder just as the warriors went running and leaping past. As we quickly tried to catch our breath I said, “We still need to hide somewhere safe until the all clear is sounded.” 

Charity was bent over hands on her knees and huffing in and out and looked up and said, “What about the old mine. It is at least out of the way and most people forget it is even there.” “Good idea, there’s the foreman's office built just inside. Hopefully the door still works. Come on, let's go.” I replied.

It’s difficult to see in the woods in the dark without wolf vision, but I remember it should be about 50 yards from where we were behind the boulder. I can hear the snaps and snarls of wolves fighting and I was running in an all out sprint. I can see the mine coming into view with a singular focus of making it to our destination. That’s the only reason for what happened next. 

20 feet from the entrance my body goes flying through the air and I land in a bone rattling thud and then darkness.

Frankie POV

The apex of the blood moon hit and I am not surprised to say, I did not find my mate. Honestly I can say that the selection of girls that were up here to find their mates were worse than a B rated movie. Ok so that isn’t very kind, but none of them are Luna material. My mom Fran is the best Luna this pack could ever have and I want my girl to be special just like her. As Alpha Kieran’s only son and heir, I intend to give this pack another Luna to adore when I take the mantle. 

“Frankie, looks like you and I get to continue riding the bachelor train.” Tatum said as he pats me on the shoulder. Guy is goofy as hell, but he’s my best friend and future Beta of our pack. “It’s cool big guy, none of these girls are leadership material anyway.” I replied. 

I glanced over to see Nikki and her friends walking back into the woods to head down the hillside. “What were they doing up here anyway?” Tatum asked as he nodded in their direction. “Said they wanted to see if the moon was prettier from higher up.” I said, rolling my eyes and shrugging. “Help me get these bottles picked up and throw the cooler in the bed of the truck, will ya?” I asked. “Yeah sure, can’t be disrespecting the land and leaving trash everywhere” Tatum chirped.

I had just thrown the last of the bottles in the truck bed when I could smell it. I immediately opened the pack link and shouted "ROGUES! Blood Moon hillside gathering place. At least 50!” With that myself and the rest of the guys up here were shifting and charging forward most of the girls shifted too, joining in the fight. I took down 2 while evaluating where I need to strike next. And I saw a blur out of the corner of my eye as one of the rogues was leaping at someone who hadn’t shifted. I couldn’t move fast enough and she was crouching with her arms overhead screaming and the rogue landed on her. It was ripping her to shreds. One arm and then the other flung away from her body and she was cut off mid scream as her head rolled across the ground. I didn’t even think as I leaped onto the wolf who had just ripped Sidney to shreds. My teeth sank into his neck and continued to squeeze and shake him at the same time, until I felt his body go limp in death. 

As I drop the rogue’s body I scan to see where our situation is. Dad and the other warriors have arrived and the fighting looks more even now. I look to see where Tatum’s wolf Lehr is and charge in that direction. Not that Tatum wasn’t handling himself, I am just turning the tables in our favor. My teeth latch onto the rogue’s hind leg and I tear off a strip of flesh. That was just enough to have the rogue turn his head towards me with his teeth snapping together just centimeters from my side. Big mistake on his part as Lehr closed his teeth around the rogue’s neck and ripped out his throat. Kolt and I headed towards Thunder to pull off the same maneuver that Kolt and Lehr did, and years of training with my father made it look like a well rehearsed dance.

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