The Old Mine

Charity POV

“NIKKI” Silvie and I shouted in unison. She didn’t see the slight drop just before the mine and went slightly airborne. Then she crashed and burned. “Nikki, are you okay?” Silvie cried out. I bent down to roll her over and saw the gash on her head. There is a lot of blood, but I know that the head bleeds more than other parts of the body. 

“Is she breathing?” Silvie asked as she went to her knees next to our friend. “Yes she’s breathing but she is out cold. I know normally we shouldn’t move her in case of neck injury, but we have to get into the mine.” I replied. Silvie looked over and said, “We don’t have a choice, it’s less than 10 yards. I will grab her feet and you get her under the arms and support her head as best as you can.” “On 3, ready? 1… 2… 3 lift.” We counted together.

We got into the mine entrance and I could feel a wall to the foreman’s office, now to feel for the door. I tried not to think about what bugs and other creatures could be in here with us as I cautiously felt along the wall for the door. “Here it is. It is jammed, let's set Nikki down so I can use my whole body to shove it open.” I said . We set Nikki down and grabbed the handle and pushed hard. No go, I adjusted my grip on the handle and slammed my hip and shoulder against the door. “Ok I got it open. Let's grab NIkki and we’ll get her in the room.” It smelled like mildew and the air was stagnant. 

“I wonder if there are any matches or candles in here.” Silvie said. “Hang on a sec.” I dug into my pocket and pulled out a lighter and flicked it to get a look at the room we were in. “Why do you Have a lighter Charity?” Silvie said. “For my eyeliner, duh. Oh look, a lantern, hopefully there is a little oil in it.” I said after looking around. I lifted the globe and flicked the lighter again at the wick and it lit right up. After replacing the globe, Silvie and I got Nikki on the desk so they could get a better look at her head. “Looks like the bleeding has slowed. Rip off a piece of my shirt so I can use it to put pressure on her wound.” I said to Silvie. 

Frankie POV

The rogues kept coming. They were no match for our warriors, they just haven’t figured out they are losing yet. We have some injuries, but unlike the rogues, the only death we have suffered is Sidney. As a mangy looking gray wolf leaped at Thunder, 2 of the warriors leaped at it. One captured its hind leg and the other tore a chunk out of its side. 

I could see a smaller brown wolf struggling with one of the rogues and I started to run in that direction. As I was running, a second rogue leaped onto the small brown wolf’s back. As I leaped airborne to knock the second rogue off of the smaller wolf, Lehr clamped his teeth around the first rogue's neck and began to shake it like it was a rag doll. When Kolt collided with the second rogue, we rolled as we hit the ground. I was on bottom when we stopped, but just as the rogue wolf snapped in my direction, he was lifted off me by his scruff. Thunder slammed the rogue onto the ground and tore out his throat. Thank the Goddess dad’s wolf is huge and quick. 

All of a sudden the rogues began to retreat and dad mind linked for the warriors to chase after them. 

As I shifted and started to walk over to a tree trunk to grab some shorts, I shouted over to my dad. “Dad, Nikki and a couple of her friends were up here watching the moon hit its apex. They left right after, but they would have been in the woods on the hillside closest to the packhouse and grounds. There’s no way they made it safely home before this started.” “ Why don’t you, Tatum and Marcus head into the woods to start searching. When Bill, Xavier and I get the wounded transported to the hospital and after I notify Sidney’s parents of her death, we will join you If you haven't found them yet,” dad replied.

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