Found but Wounded

Frankie POV

“Who are we looking for again? Marcus asked. “Nikki and the twins she hangs around,” I replied. “Oh, those girls are hot.” Marcus replied with A grin. “And not yet 18, hornball,” I said. “Hey a guy can dream, who wouldn’t want a mate with a twin? Wouldn’t get in trouble for staring too long, because you’re just trying to make sure you’re talking to the right twin.” Marcus chuckled and with a lopsided grin. 

“Tatum, why so quiet dude? I know you like guys and stuff, but I thought you liked girls too?” I asked. “I am just listening to the two of you and trying to see if I see, hear, or smell anything.” ‘That and while you’re into the twins, I am into Nikki’s other close friend Jonas. Not that the mouthy twin wasn’t hot, I just don’t know much about her other than she doesn’t have a filter.’ Tatum thought to himself. 

“I just linked Nikki’s mom to see if they had made it back, keep looking and try to think of a place they may have hidden. Bill, Xavier, and I are heading back to the woods to keep looking” Dad said through the family link. 

Marcus laid a hand on my shoulder and pointed in the direction of a large boulder just ahead of us. “Do you see that boulder? Does it look like there is a string or something floating off it?” he said. Marcus is the best tracker in the pack and will be my future Gamma. We walked closer to get a better look. “You’re right Marcus, it looks like it came off of Nikki’s sweater.” Tatum replied. “Okay, so that means they were here at some point. So are there any places you can think of where they could hide, to take cover during an attack.” Marcus said. 

“What about the old mine? Not many would think of it, but it’s about 50 yards from here and would be a good shelter. I think it is worth a look at any rate. I will mind link my dad to let him know that’s the direction we are heading,” I told them.

We headed in the direction of the old mine and began to see footprints indicating that someone had been through recently. “Do you smell that? It is faint, but I smell blood. Someone who came through here is hurt.” I said. “Look, the mine entrance is about 10 yards ahead." Tatum said, pointing in that direction. 

As we approached the mine it was pitch black, but being a werewolf enhances vision and other senses. I can see that there are footprints that are recent. I turned looking at Marcus, “Can you smell anything?” I asked, hoping he could smell something more than dirt and stagnant air. Marcus paused and sniffed the air, “Yeah, someone has been through here. I can’t say if it is them but someone has been here.” I nodded and said, “The door to the foreman’s office is right over there. It’s closed but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be in there. Come on, let's check the door.”

Charity POV

This was definitely not an ideal place to treat a wound and since Nikki didn’t have her wolf yet, healing would be slow. “Charity, when do you think it will be safe? Do you think we will hear the all clear from here?” Silvie asked, sounding worried. “Honestly Silvie, I don’t know either of those things. We’re safe for now and we can’t just leave at this point. We either have to wait for help or Nikki will have to wake up.” I replied.

“Do you think we will have to be here long? It’s dirty and it smells gross.” Silvie whined. “I really don’t know Silvie. It depends on how long the fight lasts.” I replied. “I wish Nikki would wake up, it scares me that she got knocked out from her fall. I mean, she already had a black eye from defending you from Sidney.” Silvie said. “Yeah 2 blows to the head in a short period of time can’t be good.” I replied. 

Suddenly there is a loud banging on the door. BANG! BANG! BANG! Silvie and I shrieked loudly in unison. “Who is in there? We’re looking for Nikki and the Richards twins. Open this door.” a voice demanded. 

“It sounds like Frankie.” Silvie said. “Who is out there? This is Charity Richards. My sister Silvie and Nikki are with me,” I told them.

 “It’s Frankie, Tatum and Marcus. Open this door, now please.” Frankie instructed. 

I scrambled over to the door and removed the chair she shoved under the handle. Then I gave a couple of good yanks on the door, but it wouldn’t budge. I called out, “It’s stuck Frankie, we had to work hard to get in here. Can you try to force it open?” “Okay then stand clear, just in case the door breaks or something.” Frankie replied. With that Frankie counted to 3 and then the guys all rammed through the door.

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