Waking Paralyzed

Nikki POV

The darkness is interrupted. I can't open my eyes yet, but I can see light behind my eyelids. I can’t move any part of my body. I am in pain, my head is throbbing. I am alive, I can hear voices, one sounds like Alpha, another like Frankie, and mom she sounds like she is crying. I am paralyzed, that must be why mom is crying.

OH GODDESS NO! Please no, don’t let me be paralyzed. If by some chance Frankie ends up being my mate at the next blood moon, he will surely reject me! I have to wake up! I can feel tears streaming down my face as this terrible nightmare rolls through my head. I slowly manage to get my eyes to open, just a little because the lights are so bright. I can see my mom talking to Dr. Lynn.

“Mom?” I managed to croak out. “Oh Thank the Goddess, you’re awake!” Mom said, as she rushed over and placed a kiss on my forehead. I shift my eyes slightly to the side, because I can feel a strong presence on the side opposite from mom. OH MY GODDESS, it’s Frankie! I am
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Comments (2)
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Artemas J. R. Broyles
Alpha when it's pack business Dad when it's personal
goodnovel comment avatar
Amy Dan'yel Hyde
why doesn't he call the alpha dad instead of calling him alpha Kieran all the time? I'm just curious I mean I get it some times but every time he mentions him is just to much in my own opinion

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