Planning and Recovery

Frankie POV

“At this point,it looks like the rogue attack was not random last night. It appears to be provoked, however we don’t know who and why yet.” Alpha Kieran spoke to the group of current and future leaders of the pack. “Okay then, How do we protect our borders against an unknown enemy then?” Beta heir Tatum asked. “Sometimes, The best defense is a good offense. We train every able body to fight. If they are not able to shift yet, then we focus on combat in human form.” Alpha Kieran stated. “But don’t we pretty much do that now, Alpha?” Gamma Xavier stated. “We have up until now left it optional for females under 17 and males under 12. I think it would make us stronger if we started all pups at 8. Pups under 15 would see no battle at all and pups 15 to 17 would be our last line of defense, essentially there to defend those heading for the bunkers, on the chance that enemies could slip through the warriors and those with the ability to fight in wolf form.” Alpha Kieran replied.
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