Training and a Phone Call

Nikki POV

Monday morning is here and I am totally dreading Frankie seeing me all sweaty. I dress in my favorite teal sports bra, a pair of tight black leggings, and some joggers and head over to the training grounds. I am already not feeling it, because all I did was lounge around this weekend.

I see my friend group and walk over to them. “Hey guys.” I chirped, with false enthusiasm. Charity grumbles “Hey”, Silvie smiles and says “Hey back at ya”, and Jonas, as usual makes an inappropriate comment “Well if it isn’t the founder of the ity bity tity committee.” “Knock it off Jonas, someone could hear you!” I growled as I smacked the back of his head. “Oh come on Nikki, I was just playing. Besides, isn't the saying, ‘More than a mouthful is a waste?” Jonas teased. “Okay well if we’re all done talking about our friends body parts, we can get this training started.” Frankie said looking directly at us and I know my face is a deep shade of red.

Beta Bill says, “Pair off and spar.” “Okay
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