Chaotic Safety

Nikki POV

Frankie’s wolf, Kolt, moved fast even while carrying a passenger. I was in awe of his speed and if the situation wasn’t dire, I would take the time to marvel at the magnificent beast he was.

As we approached the grounds surrounding the pack house I could see utter chaos ensuing. I leaned as close to Kolt’s ear as I could and told him to just slow down as we approached, that I would tuck and roll so that I could start helping those scrambling towards the bunkers.

As he began to slow I saw Granny Delia struggling to get her 2 young grandchildren to the bunkers. So I did exactly what I said I was going to do. I somersaulted off of Kolt and continued the roll to land on my feet, wasting no time heading straight for Granny Delia.

“Here Granny, hand me the little one.” I said. And I scooped the infant from her arms and turned and bent in a fluid motion to pick up the toddler she had by the hand. “Thank you.” Granny cried out in relief. “I will get these two to the bunkers, ca
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