The Battle pt.1

Kendall POV

Today is the day and I wish I could say that I am ready for it but the truth is I have slept for crap these last two nights. Don’t get me wrong there is no love lost over killing my father. Quite the opposite actually, if he were female I would sing that clever little dity from the children’s movie I saw as a boy. You know the one about the witch being dead? Anyway, it has been two nights of the same thing on loop in my dreams, my father telling me I am worthless, I can’t do this, and he will always win.

Today is the day I prove him wrong once and for all. He may be dead, but he is still in my head and the sooner we free Rip Claw from the rogues and begin rebuilding, the better. There is so much riding on this that if I let my father’s words sway me, I would fail. This is for my pack, for my mate, and for the future generations.

I get dressed and head down to meet with the other Alphas, so we can go over the plans one last time. “Good morning Kendall. Are you ready to do
Artemas J R Broyles

More of the battle tomorrow Gals and Pals! What do you think so far? Intense is a word that comes to mind. Please leave me a gem if you have one to spare. I love reading your comments too, so please leave your thoughts. Thank you for reading! -A :)

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