The Battle pt.2

Frankie POV

All morning I thought of 100 reasons why I didn’t want Nikki to go into battle with us today. The bottom line is that I would never succeed in stopping her. She is beyond remarkable really and no one can stop her. I have to ‘check my masculinity at the door’ and remember who she is beyond being my mate.

Once Kendall returned from taking down his pack security, dad gave us a little pep talk. I hope that when I become alpha that I can be at least half as good as he is. When we load the buses I decided to sit with Eilif so we can talk. “Hey Eilif, how are you doing?” I asked as I sat down. “Good. Psyching myself up for battle mentally,” he replied. “So, are you worried about Gideon?” I questioned. “Yes, but I look at it this way; Gideon is 252 years old and though he may not have fought in human wars he has taken a stand against many injustices in his existence. He is strong and capable, so I shouldn’t worry. That doesn’t mean I won’t. What about you, are you worried?” he as
Artemas J R Broyles

Sorry the one is so late guys. The day job has been really extra lately. Then I cried while editing, my emotions all over the place with this chapter. Please leave a gem in memory of AA if you have one to spare. I am gonna miss his crazy ass. Thanks for reading Gals and Pals, I appreciate you. -A :)

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