After the Battle

Nikki POV

The battle was almost over and we had done well, we were successful in defeating the rogues and freeing Rip Claw from their destructive forces. We had just killed the group of rogues that were trying to surmount an attack of Rin. The Alphas had surrounded Argos for the final showdown with Hollis’s Beta and Gamma and their heirs, with Torch and Eilif supporting their efforts.

The massive animal who had aided us with Beni was standing nearby and Gideon walked over to it wrapping his arms around its neck. “Brutus, I see as always, it’s better late than never with you. Thank you for coming,” Gideon said to the animal. Wyntre let out a small whimper of curiosity at Gideon’s side. When Gideon stepped back he looked at her and said, “Wyntre this is an old friend of mine, Brutus. I had sent word that he might be useful in our battle. He hadn’t said whether he would make it or not, so I didn’t mention him coming. I will reintroduce you both in human form.”

I was standing there adm
Artemas J R Broyles

Hope you're still enjoying the story. We don't have far to go at this point. Thank you to those who reponded when I asked what other characters you would like stories about. At this time my plans are for Gideon's story as a full novel and Charity's story as a full novel. I think I will do Kendall and Mia as a short story following this one and incorperate Silvie's into Charity's. Most likely a little with Charity's and a short more in depth one at the end. PLease leave a gem or comment. Thanks for reading, -A :)

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