History Lesson

Nikki POV

After Frankie’s alpha ceremony things got busy but settled into a routine. I have spent most days with Luna Fran and our guards Emily and Maisey, getting things ready for my Luna ceremony. There was a lot of pack history that I needed to learn and with the studies came questions about various subjects.

“Luna…” I started. “Fran or mom, Nikki. Honey you are Luna now, all that’s missing is the formality,” she softly scolded. It felt so wrong to call her Fran, but I haven’t fully wrapped my head around calling her mom. I took a deep breath, “Okay mom, this here says that if I don’t produce an heir for Frankie within the allotted time period, he has the right to reject me and choose a mate who can. Or he has the right to take a mistress for the same reason?” I questioned because that seemed like a terrible thing to do to someone.

“That is an archaic law, honey. Nothing you have to worry about. Kieran changed that after Frankie was born so that no other woman would have to go t
Artemas J R Broyles

Wow sounds like that old alpha was a jerk to say the least. I love that Kieran changed the laws so that no one will have that kind of horror hanging over their head. Thanks for reading. please leave a comment or gem if you have a spare. I appreciate them both. Thanks for reading -A :)

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