Epilogue Nikki 1

Six years later

It’s been a busy six years since Frankie and I became the Alpha and Luna of the Cold Moon pack. There has only been one minor rogue attack and thanks to my brothers and their coven’s quick action, it was over before it got started. Yes, we actually have a coven of eight here on Cold Moon territory. They are the ultimate night patrol, but I will let Gideon tell you all about that when he tells his story.

Alpha Kieran and Luna Fran a.k.a dad and mom are living in Montana half of the year and here on the territory the other half of the year. Alpha Kieran was offered a position with the council so when council is in session, they have to be in Montana for that. They prefer being home though where they served for 27 years. When they chose to be here only part-time, Frankie and I made the decision to move into the Alpha Mansion and turn our house into a guest house. Maisey’s parents stay there when they visit, as do other visiting ranked wolves.

We didn’t host a blood m
Artemas J R Broyles

Awe, they had a baby boy! That was certainly a close call though, whew! Will you gift the new alpha heir a gem or two? Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading! -A :)

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