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Eight Years Later

Nikki and I have served this pack for 29 years and time has been good to us all. I can’t say that I would ever wish to have a rogue attack, but the one on the night of the blood moon all those years ago pointed me straight into the arms of my Little Bee. We went through hell and back to be together but I believe that made us stronger.

Nikki has truly been the love of my life, the perfect mother to our pups, and exactly the type of Luna I had hoped for. Tonight we are throwing one last blood moon ball and then tomorrow, I will be passing the torch to David as he has found his Luna. He met Sinead during the last blood moon when he was traveling abroad on business for Carolina Phoenix Corporation.

David had actually been considering taking a chosen mate because he hadn’t found her in the three years since he’s had his wolf and would be able to scent her on the blood moon. She’s a lovely girl who he calls his Lucky Charm, as he met her in the pub where she worked and
Artemas J R Broyles

Thank you Gals and Pals for reading. This is the end of The Blood Moon Luna. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed witing it. As promised, I will add Kendall and Mia's short story to the end of this one. It will start Monday evening, so no post tomorrow. Please leave a gem or comment. Thank you for reading! -A :) Feel Free to check out Alpha Baylor, while you wait!

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goodnovel comment avatar
I feel like you totally skipped over Tatum’s story. Was he mated to both?
goodnovel comment avatar
Amie Sharon Wilkins
Who is Jonas mated to? It never said.

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